The busiest times to travel during Easter 2024

FAQ Easter Travel 2024

Q: When is the busiest travel period during Easter 2024? A: Easter 2024 is expected to again bring a huge surge in travel across the UK, USA, and Europe. In the UK, some of the highest fares for those buying last minute intercity travel (rail, coach) can be found in the days and hours before Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

This year, in the USA, the peak travel period is anticipated to occur from March 28th to April end, excluding Easter Sunday, March 31st. This aligns with previous trends with the major holidays tend to see increased travel activity. Similarly, in the UK, the RAC are forecasting that the highest road traffic volumes will be on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th March, with 2.6m trips planned for Good Friday alone.

It's worth keeping an eye on for air travel advice, though the worst or most popular times to travel at Easter will mirror road and rail.

Q: How does Easter travel compare to other holidays in terms of congestion? A: Easter travel tends to mirror the patterns observed during other major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Travel demand more condensed than even the Christmas holidays. This super-peak period of travel demand is because workers, students and schools all tend to finish at or around the same time (just before the public holiday starts) ahead of Easter, compared to Christmas when there is a much greater spread of days during which people putting away their pens, pencils, uniforms, laptops and work phones. These trends suggest that Easter travel may experience significant congestion, emphasizing the importance of planning ahead and securing travel arrangements in advance.

Q: What advice do you have for travelers during the Easter period? A: As with any busy travel season, preparation is key. We recommend planning your journey well in advance and booking tickets early to secure your seats, especially during peak travel days. For those opting to drive (we always recommend public transport if you can, for sustainability reasons as well as avoiding the multiple hassles and costs associated with cars) and for those using public transport, it will be a relief to be able to lighten loads somewhat with winter's harsh weather fast becoming a distant memory. It is still worth checking out the weather forecast, both for the start and end of your journey; no need to carry that extra thick winter coat around in 20+ degrees and sunshine!

Q: Will public transport services be available over Easter? A: While Easter Sunday is typically a quieter day for travel, some public transport providers continue to operate. Bus, coach and rail operators, for example, will still offer services on Easter Sunday. You can find many of these operators' trips through our "buy now" link.

Frustratingly, some public transport operators use the holidays to carry out engineering works. If you're in the UK and were thinking of using trains, please do check out the latest UK rail travel situation at National Rail Enquiries, as over 8000m of new track is due to be laid over the holiday period and one of the two lines frm London to Scotland will be closed between Good Friday and Easter Monday. Other travel options such as intercity coaches, regional and local buses are available on

Q: What time is it Mr Wolf and when do we spring forward in 2024?

A: If you're travelling across time zones, you might think you've got it covered if you're a seasoned traveller, but Easter can throw up a surprise or two. While Daylight Saving Time ended in the USA on Sunday 10th March, in most of Europe and the UK the clocks spring forward on Sunday 31st March at 01:00. Double check your time here and don't let the clock change catch you out!

Prepare for your Easter eggcellent travels with and enjoy a stress-free journey. Safe travels and enjoy the chocolate bunny if that's your thing!

FAQ Festive / Christmas travel

According to a survey from The Vacationer, the 2023 Christmas travel window will see around 131 million Americans planning to travel. If so, that will mean that over 50% of the population of the USA will have used bus, train and coaach stations, stops, airports, roads and cars. Predicatbly, the worst days to fly are set to be December 21 to 27, excluding December 25 (we can all probably guess why!). This compares to around 45% of Americans who were intending to travel for Thanksgiving 2023.

Over in the UK, the busiest days on the roads are expected to be December 22 and 23 according to the AA. This is because people in the UK tend to celebrate Christmas on December 25, just like Americans, which this year falls on a Monday, whereas many countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Scandiavia exchange presents and begin celebrations on December 24.

As with all busy seasonal travel times, the best advice is to plan ahead if you can, book early and secure your seats. If you plan to drive a car, the advice is, of course, a little different; pack for the weather, allow plenty of time to avoid feelings of frustration, drive safely and check over your vehicle before setting off (pump up those tyres, check the oil and windscreen wash!). Of course, the stress of driving is best avoided, so it is always worth checking to see if public transport is a better and more affordable option.

And finally, some folks travel on December 24 or 25 for reasons such as work commitments or they're not celebrating Christmas. This is why some public transport providers continue to operate on Christmas day, such as bus and coach operators. Many of these operators' trips can be found using our buy now link.

Top 20 UK cities to visit

The UK has a surprisingly large number of cities worth a visit. Here is a snapshot of our top 20!:

  1. London: The Royal Capital Welcome to the biggest city in the UK and one of the most visited global cities! Explore iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum. Remeber to take a stroll along the River Thames and catch a show in the West End.

  2. Birmingham: The Industrial Hub Immerse yourself in Birmingham's rich industrial history. Visit the Bullring shopping center, explore the Jewellery Quarter, and experience the vibrant nightlife in Digbeth.

  3. Manchester: The Music City Feel the rhythm of Manchester, a city famous for its music scene. Visit the historic Manchester Cathedral, stroll through the Northern Quarter, and catch a live gig at the legendary Manchester Arena.

  4. Glasgow: The Cultural Gem Dive into Glasgow's cultural delights! Explore the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, stroll through the West End, and discover the vibrant street art scene in this University city.

  5. Liverpool: The Maritime Marvel Follow the footsteps of The Beatles in Liverpool. Visit the Albert Dock, explore the museums at Liverpool Waterfront, and catch the vibrant atmosphere of Mathew Street.

  6. Newcastle: The Geordie Getaway Experience the friendly Geordie spirit in Newcastle famous for nights out and much more. Wander through the historic Quayside, explore the Newcastle Castle, and soak in the lively atmosphere along Grey Street.

  7. Sheffield: The Green City Enjoy Sheffield's green spaces! Explore the beautiful Botanical Gardens, take a walk in the nearby Peak District, and discover the vibrant cultural scene in the Millennium Gallery.

  8. Bristol: The Harbourside Haven Discover Bristol's maritime charm. Visit the Bristol Harbour, explore the SS Great Britain, and wander through the vibrant streets of Stokes Croft.

  9. Leeds: The University Town Immerse yourself in the student vibe of Leeds. Explore the Leeds City Museum, shop in the Victorian Quarter, and enjoy the diverse nightlife in Call Lane.

  10. Edinburgh: The Historic Capital Step into Edinburgh's rich history. Visit the Edinburgh Castle, stroll along the Royal Mile, and hike up Arthur's Seat for panoramic views of the city.

  11. Cardiff: The Welsh Gem Explore Cardiff's unique blend of history and modernity. Visit Cardiff Castle, enjoy the scenic Cardiff Bay, and catch a rugby match at the Principality Stadium.

  12. Nottingham: The Robin Hood City Discover the legend of Robin Hood in Nottingham. Explore Nottingham Castle, wander through the Lace Market, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Hockley.

  13. Southampton: The Maritime Gateway Dive into Southampton's maritime history. Explore the SeaCity Museum, take a stroll in the medieval town walls, and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Ocean Village.

  14. Leicester: The Multicultural Hub Experience Leicester's diverse culture. Visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre, explore the National Space Centre, and wander through the Golden Mile for authentic cuisine.

  15. Plymouth: The Coastal Gem Enjoy Plymouth's coastal beauty. Visit the historic Plymouth Hoe, explore the Royal William Yard, and take a boat trip to the stunning Plymouth Sound.

  16. Belfast: The Titanic City Discover Belfast's Titanic history. Visit the Titanic Belfast museum, explore the historic Cathedral Quarter, and take a stroll in the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

  17. Derby: The Industrial Heritage Delve into Derby's industrial heritage. Visit the Derby Silk Mill, explore the Derby Cathedral Quarter, and take a scenic walk along the River Derwent.

  18. Swansea: The Seaside Retreat Relax by the seaside in Swansea. Explore the Mumbles, stroll along Swansea Bay, and visit the historic Oystermouth Castle.

  19. Sunderland: The Coastal City Enjoy the coastal charm of Sunderland. Visit Roker Pier, explore the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, and take a walk along the scenic Sunderland seafront.

  20. Liverpool: The Maritime Marvel Revisit Liverpool for its maritime charm. Explore the Albert Dock, visit the museums at Liverpool Waterfront, and soak in the lively atmosphere of Mathew Street.

Top 10 UK tourist destination cities

Want to know where the most popular tourist hot spots are in the UK? Well, we've done the hard work for you. Here are the top 10 with visitor numbers according to some local sources in 2022. We have no reason to think that any of these gems or cities of global fame won't be even more popular in 2024!

  1. London: The Royal Capital

  2. Edinburgh: The Scottish Capital

  3. Manchester: The Music City

  4. Birmingham: The Cultural Hub

  5. Glasgow: The Artsy Gem

  6. Liverpool: The Maritime Marvel

  7. Oxford: The Scholarly Oasis

  8. Cambridge: The University Town

  9. Bristol: The Maritime Haven

  10. York: The Medieval Treasure

Top US cities to visit

Here is an overview of 10 of the most visited US cities alongside a selection of attractions, dining recommendations and more. We all have our favourites and the ones we'd love to see based on what we've seen on the big screen (other screen sizes are available)!

  1. New York City, NY: The Big Apple

    • Overview: Welcome to the city that famously never sleeps! New York City is a global metropolis known for its iconic skyline, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant cultural scene. From the bright lights of Times Square to the tranquility of Central Park, the Big Apple has something for every age and interest. Has anyone in the world not heard of it?!

    • Attractions:

    • Dining:

    • Tips:

      • Explore different neighborhoods like SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Harlem.

      • Purchase a MetroCard for convenient access to public transportation.

  2. Los Angeles, CA: The Entertainment Capital

    • Overview: Immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world where you can maximise your chances of spotting a celeb. From Hollywood's Walk of Fame to the stunning beaches, LA offers a blend of celebrity culture and natural beauty in the surrounding countryside.

    • Attractions:

    • Dining:

    • Tips:

      • Hike to the Hollywood Sign (now over 100 years old) for panoramic views of the city

      • Take a scenic drive along Mulholland Drive. Be prepared to twist and wind and keep a close look out for celebs.

  3. Chicago, IL: The Windy City

  4. Houston, TX: The Space City

  5. Phoenix, AZ: The Valley of the Sun

    • Overview:Welcome to Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun, where sunshine and Southwestern charm abound. Explore the natural beauty of the desert, visit cultural attractions, and enjoy outdoor activities under the clear Arizona skies.

    • Attractions:

      • Desert Botanical Garden

      • Camelback Mountain named after the sillhouette it makes on the valley skyline. Not for the fainthearted, the trecks and hikes tend to be challenging, if that's what you like.

      • Heard Museum for American Indian art

      • Papago Park for easier trecks with enormous buttes that rise and fall

      • Taliesin West, being Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home and a UNESCO world heritage site

    • Dining:

    • Tips:

  6. Philadelphia, PA: The City of Brotherly Love

  7. San Antonio, TX: The Alamo City

    • Overview:Welcome to San Antonio, the Alamo City, where history and vibrant culture come together. Explore the iconic Alamo, stroll along the picturesque River Walk, and embrace the Texan hospitality.

    • Attractions:

    • Dining:

      • Mi Tierra Café y Panadería for Tex-Mex and pastries

      • The Pearl for upscale dining and boutique shops

      • La Fonda on Main for traditional Mexican dishes. Look out for happy hour!

      • Boudro's on the River Walk for riverside dining

    • Tips:

      • Take a boat tour to cruise along the San Antonio River Walk for a unique perspective

      • Visit the historic Market Square for shopping and cultural events.

  8. San Diego, CA: America's Finest City

  9. Dallas, TX: The Big D

  10. San Jose, CA: The Capital of Silicon Valley