FAQ Festive / Christmas travel

According to a survey from The Vacationer, the 2023 Christmas travel window will see around 131 million Americans planning to travel. If so, that will mean that over 50% of the population of the USA will have used bus, train and coaach stations, stops, airports, roads and cars. Predicatbly, the worst days to fly are set to be December 21 to 27, excluding December 25 (we can all probably guess why!). This compares to around 45% of Americans who were intending to travel for Thanksgiving 2023.

Over in the UK, the busiest days on the roads are expected to be December 22 and 23 according to the AA. This is because people in the UK tend to celebrate Christmas on December 25, just like Americans, which this year falls on a Monday, whereas many countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Scandiavia exchange presents and begin celebrations on December 24.

As with all busy seasonal travel times, the best advice is to plan ahead if you can, book early and secure your seats. If you plan to drive a car, the advice is, of course, a little different; pack for the weather, allow plenty of time to avoid feelings of frustration, drive safely and check over your vehicle before setting off (pump up those tyres, check the oil and windscreen wash!). Of course, the stress of driving is best avoided, so it is always worth checking to see if public transport is a better and more affordable option.

And finally, some folks travel on December 24 or 25 for reasons such as work commitments or they're not celebrating Christmas. This is why some public transport providers continue to operate on Christmas day, such as bus and coach operators. Many of these operators' trips can be found using our buy now link.